Founded in April 2019, the NASSP Principal Recovery Network (PRN) is a national network of current and former school leaders who have experienced gun violence tragedies in their buildings. Together, the PRN seeks to assist principals in the immediate aftermath of a crisis and well beyond. PRN members reach out directly to their colleagues to provide much-needed support, share the combined wisdom of their experience with the larger principal community through various outlets, assist schools during recovery, and advocate for national school safety enhancements and violence prevention programs.


Michael Bennett

Michael Bennett*
former assistant principal
Columbia High School
East Greenbush, NY

Elizabeth Brown

Elizabeth Brown*
Forest High School
Ocala, FL

Frank DeAngelis

Frank DeAngelis*
former principal
Columbine High School
Columbine, CO

Lauren Ford

Lauren Ford*
former principal
Procter R. Hug High School
Reno, NV

Andy Fetchik

Andy Fetchik*
former principal
Chardon High School
Chardon, OH

Andy Fetchik

Denise Fredericks*
Townville Elementary School
Bài hát vua trực tuyếnTownville, SC

Kathleen Gombos

Kathleen Gombos
Sandy Hook Elementary School
Bài hát vua trực tuyếnSandy Hook, CT

Patricia Greer

Patricia Greer*
Marshall County High School
Marshall County, KY

Warman Hall

Warman Hall*
Aztec High School
Aztec, NM

Jake Heibel

Jake Heibel*
Great Mills High School
Bài hát vua trực tuyếnGreat Mills, MD

Matthew Hicks

Matthew Hicks
former assistant principal
Noblesville West Middle School
Bài hát vua trực tuyếnNoblesville, IN

Greg Johnson

Greg Johnson*
West Liberty-Salem High School
West Liberty, OH

Andy McGill

Andy McGill*
assistant principal
West Liberty-Salem High School
Bài hát vua trực tuyếnWest Liberty, OH

Kevin Lein

Kevin Lein*
former principal
Harrisburg High School
Harrisburg, SD

Jeff Meisenheimer

Jeff Meisenheimer*
Lee’s Summit North High School
Lee’s Summit, MO

George Roberts

George Roberts*
former principal
Perry Hall High School
Baltimore, MD

Ryan Rollinger

Ryan Rollinger
Harrisburg High School
Harrisburg, SD

Michael Sedlak

Michael Sedlak*
former assistant principal
Chardon High School
Chardon, OH

Ty Thompson

Ty Thompson*
Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School
Bài hát vua trực tuyếnParkland, FL

Stacey Ting-Senini

Stacey Ting-Senini*
Sparks Middle School
Sparks, NV

*Founding Member


Leading After a School Shooting: A Principal’s Role in Recovery, Healing, and Prevention

February 12, 2020, 12:00–1:30 p.m. ET
Hart Senate Office Building, Washington, D.C.

At this free PRN event, administrators discussed their stories, lessons learned through tragedy, and recommendations for congressional action to support schools impacted by gun violence and prevent future tragedies. This event was livestreamed on Facebook.

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